The Interstellar Research Group is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing together solid, passionate individuals in order to discuss topics relevant to (eventually) turning humanity into an interstellar species. It is a forum of multidisciplinary individuals working together to facilitate solving interesting technical, economic, and social problems in our way.

The Interstellar Research Group is about taking humanity to the stars. This is a dream that may not become a reality for another millennium. Why, then, should some of the most visionary and intelligent people in the world (!!) gather at a hotel once every two years to discuss the challenges and opportunities of interstellar travel? Because we must. We are compelled by our nature to think positively about the future of humanity in a beautiful yet extremely hostile universe. Life on Earth is wonderful and we should do what we can to protect and preserve it here, and yet…

…there is more. Among the billions of galaxies, with their billions of stars and billions of planets, we sense a call to explore. A call to disperse ourselves and settle a multitude of worlds in order to preserve and protect what must be very rare indeed: a bipedal species of intelligent tool users who dare to dream, to love, to create and to aspire for more than mere survival. To survive and thrive we must push the boundaries and, well, we must go. And it isn’t too soon to prepare. There are many challenges and some of them will take generations to overcome.

Here, in various locations within a great nation, gather visionaries from many great nations to take up the challenge. Join us. Find a project that you can start and work on together. Meet that person you’ve never met and help them solve a technical or social challenge related to interstellar flight with which they’ve been wrestling. Let’s make these precious few days count. Be an active participant.

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